Guidelines for the product


The minimum format is DIN A6 (105 x 148 mm).

The maximum format is as defined in the applicable specifications.

The format of third-party inserts must be significantly smaller than the product format. The insert can be folded if necessary.

Single sheets

The paper weight of single DIN A6 sheets must not be less
than 170 g/m².

Single sheets with formats larger than DIN A6 to DIN A4 must have a paper weight not less than 120 g/m².

Multiple-page supplements

Inserts in the maximum format in each case must have a minimum of 8 pages. If there are fewer pages (4 or 6 pages), a paper weight not less than 120 g/m² is required, or these inserts must be folded again.


The weight of an insert should not exceed 50 g/copy. Higher weights will require further consultation.


To ensure that the insertion process proceeds smoothly, the submission of samples in advance (three if possible) is advisable.