Processing guidelines

Types of folding

Folded inserts must be prepared with cross break, wrap-around or middle folding. Concertina or double/inside gate folds may cause serious problems and are therefore to be avoided.

Inserts with multiple pages must have a lengthwise fold (along the gutter).


All inserts must be cut at right angles and to the same size.

Inserts or supplements must be devoid of incomplete cuts or unseparated pages caused by the use of a dull blade.

Products to be affixed
(e. g., postcards)

Postcards to be included with inserts must always be affixed inside the inserts. They must be affixed flush with the fold and aligned with the top or bottom of the insert.

Only strip gluing - never spot gluing - is to be applied.

Inserts with products affixed on the outside by prior agreement.

Inserts with special formats or merchandise samples cannot be processed by machine without prior technical review by us.

Spine wire stitching

Spine wire stitching should be avoided whenever possible. If it is used, the wire gauge must not exceed the thickness of the spine of the insert.

Thin inserts should always be produced with spine or fold gluing.