Press proofs

Press proofs

The colors of the European Color Scale according to DIN 16539 are used for printing.

Printing substrates

The use of production paper is optimal. If this is not possible, press proofs are printed on similar paper according to the BVD/FOGRA color standards. A precise description of the paper is to be noted on the proof.

Color sequence

Black, cyan, magenta, yellow

Inking, measurements

Inking must be kept constant across the page within the tolerances listed in the tables under "Dot gain/characteristic print curve." The color control elements (Fogra values) consist of a full-tone patch, an 80 % halftone patch, a 40 % halftone patch, a screen ruling of 60 lines, with black, cyan, magenta, yellow, etc., in alternation. Technically justified deviations in halftone patch percentages are noted on the control strip.

Inking on the proof is guided by the applicable patterns in the "inking standards" ring binder and is adjusted visually.

For special colors the inking is adjusted so that the solid tones are well covered. Variations in full-tone densities across the sheet must not exceed 8 %.


The GRETAG D19C is used to determine the values.

Number of proofs

Six complete proofs, unless another quantity is specified.

The proof scale must include single prints and color combinations with control strips as well as any notes concerning special colors. For achromatic colors a combined printing of the three chromatic inks is to be added to the press proof scale.

Correction marks

Corrections are to be marked on the combined printing according to DIN 16549.


Originals, press proofs and production runs are to be adjusted under the following light conditions: Transparent originals D 50 Reflective originals D 65

Analog/digital proofs

Subject to consultation, a proof can be produced in place of a press proof. In the case of an analog proof, the final film must match the surface of the print stock (matt or glossy).