Plates and copies

Sheet assembly

Sheet assembly is to be prepared for machine accuracy according to the imposition scheme to be provided by the printers. In the event this is not possible, the r eproductions are to be mounted in the direction of travel.

Press proof plates, copy control

Check with FOGRA PMS I or UGRA wedge.The press proof and printing plate copies must lie within the standard nominal microline range (standard K value range), which depends on the resolution of the plate. Copies are to be kept so that, in the K patch, the positive line elements at are lightly visible from step 12 and fully visible from step 15, while those at are lightly visible from step 15 and fully visible from step 20. All print plates are to be copies similarly.

Agreements between the customer and the reproducer to the effect that fine halftone dot areas are to be preserved for subjects such as porcelain or foam are exceptional cases that depart from the standard. Because these reproductions require an increased tonal range, a copy with 8 µm to 10 µm is necessary for print proofing and production printing. In addition, continuously mounted films are required.