Agreement with production plant (case room/reproduction operation/printshop)

  • Data formats
  • Data media
  • Fonts


  • Delete empty pages
  • Delete elements not needed (e.g. on the mounting surface)
  • No hidden elements (white cover-up)
  • Remove unnecessary fonts
  • Check page size and scaling
  • Check connection to imported graphics
  • Check colour definitions
  • Check bled-off elements
  • Check trapping (overfilling/underfilling)


  • Select correct resolution for half-tone photos
  • Set image detail in the image program
  • Do the rotation in the image processing program
  • Enter correct raster parameters

Vector graphics

  • Avoid nested EPSF files
  • Convert any short texts in Outline
  • Split complex paths
  • Remove any unnecessary elements from illustration


  • Save files with "Save as..." function
  • Copy files (do not forward original files!)
  • Copy all files (incl. logos, illustrations, photos)
  • Forward current files
  • Only deliver files which are required (no old versions)
  • Print out file directory
  • Compress files if necessary


  • Avoid TrueType fonts
  • Attach list of fonts used (incl. fonts in EPSF files)
  • Also deliver special fonts (e.g. logo fonts)
  • Observe license situation!
  • Incorporate fonts for Postscript files, if necessary

Placed images

  • Save placed images in the same folder/directory as the layout document
  • Also deliver original documents of EPSF files in a separate folder/directory on the data medium

Data mediuim

  • Reformat data medium
  • Inscribe data medium with:
    • Company
    • Order
    • Documents
    • Date
    • Data medium number (disk n/m)
  • Write-protect the data medium
  • Dispatch data medium in protected packaging


  • Make (laser) printouts (of the current version!) of all pages
  • Print out pages with crop marks
  • Indicate whether the pages were scaled for the printout
  • Where applicable, print out in several parts
  • Print out coloured files also as separated pages (4 sheets per page)


  • Fill out form "Acceptance of customer data" as completely as possible


  • Check supporting documents and data media for completeness:
    • current version of the files
    • Font list, possibly font files
    • Illustrations, logos, photos
    • Print-outs of all pages
    • List of missing documents