Data delivery

Data type

PostScript level 3

Open data

Subject to consultation


Distiller, version 5.05 or higher, or comparable quality
Please contact us for Distiller settings.

Image formats

EPS, TIFF, JPEG. Macintosh or PC for all formats

Other formats

Subject to consultation


Color images, 305 dpi; Grayscale images, 305 dpi; Bitmaps, 1200 dpi

Document pages

Double page layout with 3 mm bleed. For brochures, disregard cutting edge

Booklet production

Take reduced page size of the inner sections into account for layout. Net format to type area 3 mm. Background is in the bleed area.

Delivered film

Deliver film to be digitized 5 working days before start of imaging or the plotting date.

PostScript pages

Individual pages; portrait. Chronological pagination from p. 0001-000X


No diacritics, special characters or spaces. For word delimiting use only the underline character ("_").

Paper format

Net format plus 20 mm.


Composite (not separated). If DCS data are included, prepare separate data. Do not process JPEG and DCS in a single file.

Register marks

Centered; length 24 pt; offset 6 pt.

Special colors

For four-color production convert to process colors.

Special formats

E. g., envelopes; inserts; double gate fold, etc. The documents must be laid out in full size as one page (not as double pages).

Inside pages alternate with outside pages.