Environmental protection

The time has come to accept the ecological challenges our society faces. The threat to our forests is not the least of these challenges. Annual paper consumption in Germany has increased to 234 kilograms per capita (2004)*. The problem is not so much one of forestry management as it is of production methods that are not compatible with maintaining the health of the forests.

In the interest of protecting and maintaining our forests in the long term, westermann druck GmbH has been FSC- and PEFC-certified since 2006. These seals guarantee that high ecological and social standards are maintained through our entire production chain. This means, for example, that such devastating measures as clear cutting and pesticide use are avoided entirely and the diversity of species is preserved.

Certification requires careful scrutiny of the origin of the wood we use, which is carefully kept separate from other types of wood throughout production. Every stage of our production processes conforms one hundred percent to an ideal - that of a healthy forest.

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