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Data Transfer

Useful information about the delivery of your print data

Contact our customer support to discuss individual requests. Your customer advisor will then give you access to an FTP directory. You will then upload your data to this directory. Please provide your print data as a PDF file. Unfortunately we unable to support other types of files.



Markus K√ľnne

  +49 531 708 449

Brief summary of key points

All images must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Please always use CMYK mode and never RGB mode, as this may cause colour shifts.

The on-screen representation of colours will not always correspond perfectly to the printed image. For colour-critical orders we will happily provide you with a proof in advance. The maximum total area coverage of C + M + Y + K for your images should not exceed 300%.

lements and images that reach the final format edges must extend at least 3 mm beyond the final format, i.e. to the trim. This 3 mm will be trimmed after printing and serves as leeway in the event of any trim deviations. In order to avoid important text or other elements being trimmed, do not place these too close to the border. Please keep a distance of approx. 4 mm from the final format border.

Please ensure that your PDF files are standard PDF/X3A.

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