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With the experience of three long-established printing companies behind us, we offer a wide range of printing services. We produce all types of magazines, catalogues and books for our clients in publishing, industry, commerce and advertising. More than 400 motivated, passionate and qualified employees are on hand to meet your every need. You can rely on us!

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As a company, we are duty-bound to both our customers and the environment. It’s not just enough to deliver high quality products, it is imperative to do so sustainably. Throughout the production process, we always strive towards the most efficient and careful management of our resources and believe equally strongly in the careful management of the resources we use during our production processes.

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egin your professional career with us! Whether it be in the commercial sector or in skilled trade areas, we regularly advertise new positions in Braunschweig, Zwickau and Landau in der Pfalz. We would love to be your new employer!

We also offer apprenticeships. At the Zwickau and Braunschweig sites, you will gain the skills and expertise required by the modern printing profession.